Playcation at Park Albert

As part of the second season of Park Albert, we Meow and Labnorth answered the Playcation project call of 2023.

During the summer, the park turned into a sports park and hosted a building playground by @Archikids, movie screenings by @Cinemaximiliaan and initiations by @growingbyhockey and @raionskate.

Playcation at Park Albert was a collaboration of @Labnorthvzw@1010au@Plant&Houtgoed, @omar.kashmiry@superterram.bxl@tourneviebxl@zinneke.parade
and @bruXL with the support of, photo’s by @sepidehfarvardin

La Bibliothèque by Juliette Lacroix
Hosted by Cinemaximiliaan

As a last event for the summer of Park Albert, Meow organised a movie screening together with Cinemaximiliaan, featuring this time La Bibliothèque by Juliette Lacroix. The silent movie was accompanied with live music by Juliette Lacroix and Hussein Rassim, while delicious food was served by Cinemaximiliaan.