MEOW collective co-creates accessible, inviting spaces by involving local actors representing different target groups in the creation process, in order to bring the multitude and diversity that characterizes the vibrant Brussels to public space. Motivated by the dynamics of their immediate surroundings, MEOW has been active in the North Quarter of Brussels since 2019, realizing projects together with a broad spectrum of local organizations.

MEOW seeks to democratize and activate the creation of urban spaces by integrating open use into the design and charging it with the input of empathetic citizens and local experts. Rather than merely creating a visual scenography, we seek to create a social context in which the underlying potential of actors already present in an existing and specific urban fabric is sustainably woven.

By creating links between social partners, immediate residents and underrepresented target groups, we aim to physically and mentally anchor the local community in the city by gradually shaping its urban spaces together.