The sandbag sofa

As a first intervention of Park Albert on Rue albert 2, Living lab, Meow, 1010AU and Plantenhoutgoed constructed a sofa on which an open discussion about the future of the avenue took place on car free sunday 2022. Experts, policy makes, neighbours and passer-bys shared their thoughts on the future of this particular part of the city, opening up the discussion on how to turn this strip into a robust, vivid and welcoming public space.

The green island

As a second intervention of Park Albert, the sandbag sofa was transformed into a green island, showing the potential a partial depavement of the strip could bring to increase the biodiversity and create a form of intimacy on the strip. As a launching event of this intervention, a film projection was organised in the park together with Cinemaximiliaan.

Cinemaximiliaan screened the documentaries “Me Miss me” by Gwendolyn Lootens and Lubnan Al Wazny and “Manhattan Brussel” by Kwinten Gernay. The films tell the story of the Brussels north quarter from the perspective of a newcomer and a local legend/inhabitant boxer. The evening brought Cinemaximiliaan back to the neighbourhood where their story once started, telling stories which show the lives in the neighbourhood from two very different perspectives.